• Manufacturing Execution Systems

    Address Specific Manufacturing Challenges of All Sizes and Complexities

    Our Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) provide standardized workflows to operators to ensure the highest possible production quality and regulatory compliance. By modeling your manufacturing process to drive out variability, MES can provide protection against loss of intellectual property. In addition, MES can propel continuous improvement initiatives by providing new ways to analyze process data.

    MES helps to connect your enterprise by closing the information loop from execution through data management. It is scalable and offers standard application library suites for common functions in the pharmaceutical, consumer packaged goods, and automotive industries. MES also helps provide specific functions such as quality and performance management.

    Comprehensive MES Solutions

    Manufacturing execution system (MES) software can connect, manage, validate, and optimize all aspects of production. A comprehensive MES can be purchased as a single plant, multiplant, or industry-specific solution. This software can help you meet a range of productivity, quality, compliance, and cost-saving goals.

    Individual MES Applications

    Tap into scalable FactoryTalk? ProductionCentre? MES applications that address specific manufacturing challenges, like quality, machine performance and track/trace and genealogy. Solutions can start with a single use case at the machine or work-area level, and then scale up to a larger MES solution over time as ROI is realized.

    Industry-specific MES Solutions

    We offer industry suites and application solutions that provide synchronized workflows, business rules, and user experience.

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